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Standard One Evidence

1.A Evidence

EV 1.A.1  Board Minutes, August 2003

EV 1.A.2  2005-08 Academic Master Plan

EV 1.A.3  Vision, Mission, Values, Core Themes and Key Focus Areas

EV 1.A.4  2010 CGCC Faculty and Staff Surveys, Narrative Summaries

EV 1.A.5  Strategic Master Plan, February 2011


1.B Evidence

EV 1.B.1  Core Theme Development Committee

EV 1.B.2  Board Minutes June 8, 2010

EV 1.B.3  ELT Minutes May 11, 2010

EV 1.B.4  IAC Minutes June 4, 2010

EV 1.B.5  CGCC Core Themes and Measures



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