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Standard Three Evidence

3.A. Evidence

EV 3.1 Standard 3 Report Recommendations
EV 3.2 CGCC’s 3-Year Plan for Independent Accreditation
EV 3.A.1.1 Student Services Staff Profile
EV 3.A.1.2 2007-08 Adopted Budget
EV 3.A.1.3 2007-08 Student Profile
EV 3.A.2.1 Student Services Job Descriptions:

*Academic Advisor   *Academic & Lrng. Assist. Advisor  *Advisor - Hood River

*Conf. Sec.- Stud. Services   *Dean Stud. Services  *Director Advising/Career Services

*Chief Stud. Services Officer  *Financial Aid Sec.   * Hood River Ct. Sec.

*RET Advisor   *Student Services Sec. F/T

EV 3.A.2.2 2007-08 All-Staff Training Agendas
EV 3.A.3.1 Oregon Department of Education Civil Rights Inspection Results
EV 3.A.3.2 Board Policy Manual
EV 3.A.3.3 Academic Standards Committee Charter
EV 3.A.3.4 2008-09 Academic Standards Committee Meeting Minutes
EV 3.A.3.5 Academic Standards Draft Policies
and Satisfactory Academic Policies

EV 3.A.4.1 Student Services Organizational Chart


3.B Evidence

EV 3.B.1.1 2007-08 Student Profile
EV 3.B.1.2 2008 Institutional Effectiveness Indicators Repo
EV 3.B.1.3 2006 Student Opinion Survey
EV 3.B.1.4 2008 Community College Survey of Student Engagement
EV 3.B.1.5 ACT Withdrawing/Non-Returning Student Survey
EV 3.B.1.6 Marketing Framework
EV 3.B.1.7 Marketing Committee Schedule
EV 3.B.1.8 Spanish Language Marketing Postcard
EV 3.B.1.9 Student Services Mission Statement
EV 3.B.1.10 Student Services Assessment Committee Minutes
EV 3.B.1.11 Standard 3 Report Recommendations
EV 3.B.2.1 Student Council Constitution and By-Laws
EV 3.B.2.2 Phi Theta Kappa Constitution and By-Laws
EV 3.B.4.1 Campus View articles on Safety and Health

EV 3.B.4.2 2008 Emergency Response Manual
EV 3.B.5.1 2008-09 College Catalog
EV 3.B.5.2 2008-09 Class Schedules:

EV 3.B.5.3 2008-09 Student Handbook

3.C Evidence

EV 3.C.2.1 2008-09 College Catalog
EV 3.C.2.2 2008-09 Faculty Handbook
EV 3.C.2.3 Board Policy Manual, Code: IS704
EV 3.C.3.1 2008-09 Class Schedules:

EV 3.C.5.1 Standard 3 Report Recommendations


3.D Evidence

EV 3.D.1.1 2008-09 College Catalog
EV 3.D.1.2 2008-09 Student Handbook
EV 3.D.1.3 Nursing Admissions Packet
EV 3.D.1.4 Advance Placement Application Nursing
EV 3.D.1.5 Re-entry Application Nursing
EV 3.D.1.6 Diagnostic Imaging Admissions Packet
EV 3.D.1.7 RET Admissions Packet
EV 3.D.1.8 RET Re-entry Admissions Packet
EV 3.D.2.1 CAMP Brochure

EV 3.D.2.2 Career Pathways Model
EV 3.D.2.3 2009 Final Career Pathways Report
EV 3.D.2.4 CGCC Foundation Annual Scholarship Report

EV 3.D.2.5 Federal Financial Aid Application
EV 3.D.2.6 Student Loan Packet
EV 3.D.2.7 Nursing Student Loan Packet

EV 3.D.3.1 Financial Aid Ability to Benefit forms
EV 3.D.4.1 Financial Aid Appeals Form
EV 3.D.4.2 Academic Standards Committee Minutes
EV 3.D.4.3 Academic Standards Draft Policies and Satisfactory Academic Policies
EV 3.D.4.4 PASS Brochure
EV 3.D.4.5 PASS Referral Form
EV 3.D.4.6 2007-08 PASS Data
EV 3.D.6.1 2007-08 Student Profile
EV 3.D.6.2 CGCC 3-year Plan for Independent Accreditation, 2008-11
EV 3.D.6.3 2007-08 Full Year Scholarship Application and Instructions
EV 3.D.9.1 2008 New Student Orientation Agenda
EV 3.D.10.1 2008-09 Class Schedules:

EV 3.D.12.1 Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan brochure
EV 3.D.14.1 Café Contract
EV 3.D.14.2 2007 Café Survey and Summary
EV 3.D.15.1 Student Life Advisor Job Description
EV 3.D.15.2 Student Council Constitution and Bylaws
EV 3.D.15.3 PTK International Charter
EV 3.D.15.4 Student Nursing Association Bylaws
EV 3.D.15.5 Delta Energy Club Bylaws
EV 3.D.15.6 Japanese Visual Culture Club Bylaws
EV 3.D.15.7 Multicultural Club Bylaws
EV 3.D.15.8 2007-08 Fliers for Literary Readings
EV 3.D.15.9 Spring Humanities Publicity Materials:

        *2008     * 2009

EV 3.D.15.10 Science Summit Publicity Materials:

        *2006     *2007    *2008  
EV 3.D.20.1 Childcare Resource and Referral Press Release
EV 3.D.20.2 Outreach Tutoring Grant: 2008-09 End-of-Year Report
EV 3.D.20.3 Gorge Literacy Tutor and Learner Hour Reports 2008-09
EV 3.D.20.4 Shared Voices: A New Writers’ Collection, Volume VIII


3.1 Evidence

EV 3.1.A.1 2008-09 Class Schedules:

EV 3.1.A.2 2008-09 College Catalog

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