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Standard Two Evidence

2.A Evidence

EV 2.A.1 Governance Model
EV 2.A.2 Job Description for Department Chair
EV 2.A.3 Core Outcomes and General Education Philosophy Statement
EV 2.A.4 Academic Standards Committee Charter
EV 2.A.5 Class Challenge Policy
EV 2.A.6 Curriculum Committee Charter
EV 2.A.7 Course Revision & New Course Submission Forms for Curriculum Committee
EV 2.A.3.1 Planning Guide for CTE New Program Applications
EV 2.A.3.2 Final RET Application
EV 2.A.3.3 Labor Market Information (required RET application material)
EV 2.A.3.4 Notice of Intent (required RET application material)

2.B Evidence

EV 2.B.1 2005-08 Academic Master Plan
EV 2.B.1.1 Program Review Crosswalk
EV 2.B.1.2 CGCC Ed Philosophy Statement/General Ed Philosophy Statement
EV 2.B.1.3 Self-Study Reports
EV 2.B.1.4 Program Specific Accreditation Schedule
EV 2.B.2.1 May 12th Executive Leadership Team and Board agendas
EV 2.B.2.2 Nursing Program Satisfaction Surveys
EV 2.B.2.3 2008 Institutional Effectiveness Indicators Report
EV 2.B.3.1 2009 Spring In-Service agenda and handouts
EV 2.B.3.2 Examples of Faculty Professional Development Promoting Changes in Outcomes/Assessment in Course Design:

2.C Evidence

EV 2.C.1.1 2008-09 College Catalog
EV 2.C.4.1 Academic Standards Committee Charter
EV 2.C.5.1 Degree and Certificate Program Worksheets:

AA Transfer Deg AAOT 08-09 CAS OS Cert 08-09 Pre-Nursing 08-09
Acctg. Cert. 08-09 CJA Cert 08-09 RET AS Deg 08-09
Acctg. Deg 08-09 Diag. Imaging Cert 08-09 RET Cert 08-09
Admin Assist. Deg 08-09 ECE Cert/Degree 08-09 RET Cert/Deg 08-09
AS Degree MA Cert.  
Assoc. Gen. Studies Deg 08-09 Marketing Cert 08-09  
Business ASOT Deg 08-08 OT Model 08-09  
Business Mngt. AAS Deg 08-09 Paraed. Cert/Deg 08-09  

EV 2.C.7.1 Faculty by Discipline 2007-2008
EV 2.C.8.1 Department of Labor (DOL) Report October 31, 2007

2.G  Evidence

EV 2.G.1 OIT Articulation Agreement Document
EV 2.G.2 2008-09 College Catalog
EV 2.G.3 PCC Website
EV 2.G.4 PCC College Catalog

2.2 Evidence

EV 2.2.a.1 2007-08 Student Profile
EV 2.2.a.2 2008 Institutional Effectiveness Indicators Report
EV 2.2.b.1 2008 Community College Survey of Student Engagement
EV 2.2.d.1 Nursing Accreditation Approval Letter
EV 2.2.g.1 Nursing Satisfaction Surveys

2.6 Evidence

EV 2.6.a.1 Online Learning at Columbia Gorge Community College 2008 Student Poll
EV 2.6.b.1 CGCC Distance Learning Plans 2008-2009
EV 2.6.c.1 Guidelines for Teaching DL Classes & DL Course Design Review
EV 2.6.c.2 Quality Matters Rubric 2008-10
EV 2.6.d.1 Quality Matters Course review information
EV 2.6.g.1 Sample contract for distance learning curriculum development
EV 2.6.h.1 2008 Faculty Training and Innovation Survey
EV 2.6.i.1 List of instructional videos produced with captioning updates
EV 2.6.r.1 Student Resources page of the college website


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