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Standard 4 Evidence

4.A Evidence

EV 4.A.1.1 Instructor Qualifications
EV 4.A.1.2 Table 1 and Table 2, Institutional Faculty Profile
EV 4.A.2.1 Faculty Committees and Membership
EV 4.A.2.2 Department Chair Job Description/selection Process/Evaluation Results
EV 4.A.2.3 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
EV 4.A.3.1 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement 2007-10
EV 4.A.3.2 2008-09 Faculty Handbook
EV 4.A.3.3 Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 Faculty In-service Agendas
EV 4.A.5.1 Classroom Observation Form
EV 4.A.5.2 Full-time Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan
EV 4.A.5.3 Non-Credit Class Evaluation Form
EV 4.A.7.1 Board Policy Manual, Code: IB
EV 4.A.9.1 New Adjunct Faculty Orientation Checklist
EV 4.A.9.2 Hiring Requisition Form/Hiring Checklist for Staff and Full-time Faculty
EV 4.A.9.3 Pre-College Faculty NOTA

4.B. Evidence

EV 4.B.1.1 Mountain Writers Conference Conference
EV 4.B.2.1 Board Policy Manual, Code: GCQBA
EV 4.B.2.2 Board Policy Manual, Code: GCQB
EV 4.B.4.1 Faculty Excellence Award
EV 4.B.4.2 Board Minutes, May 12, 2009


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