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Standard 5 Evidence

5.A Evidence

EV 5.A.1.1 Board Policy Manual, Code IIBB
EV 5.A.2.1 Library Collection table
EV 5.A.2.2 Use of Library Resources and Services table
EV 5.A.2.3 Intergovernmental Service Agreement, June 16, 2007
EV 5.A.2.4 Articles, Newspapers, & Databases web page
EV 5.A.3.1 Book Collection by Subject
EV 5.A.3.2 Magazines and Journal Subscriptions by Subject
EV 5.A.3.3 Library website
EV 5.A.3.4 Library Equipment – Spring 2009

5.B Evidence

EV 5.B.1.1 Collection Development Guidelines
EV 5.B.1.2 Board Policy Manual, Code IIBB
EV 5.B.1.3 Library Collection table
EV 5.B.1.4 Use of Library Resources and Services table
EV 5.B.1.5 Library Equipment – Spring 2009
EV 5.B.2.1 Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

EV 5.B.2.2 Information Literacy at CGCC
EV 5.B.2.3 Library Instruction Classes & Student Evaluations Table 2007-08
EV 5.B.2.4 Library Instruction Student Evaluation Form
EV 5.B.2.5 Library Instruction Faculty Evaluation, 2007-08
EV 5.B.2.6 Research Guides by Course Number

EV 5.B.2.7 Library Instruction. How to Find Information – winter 2009
EV 5.B.2.8 Library Instruction. How to Use the Library - ESL
EV 5.B.2.9 Contact the CGCC Library
EV 5.B.2.10 Reference Service: Questions Answered
EV 5.B.3.1 Library Manual:

Board policy, mission, goals



Processing Materials


CGCC Library Email



Borrow Videos From PCC

Circulation Guidelines

Merging Patron Records

Notices returned by USPS - Procedure

Patron Load Errors

Release information about student


Barcode Library card



Checking In/Out Items

Circulation Forms

Fines, Overdues, Holds, etc.

Holds, Requests

Notification Letters

Lost and Missing Items

Collection Development

Computers, E-Resources

Daily Tasks


Kit Contents




Information Literacy

Interlibrary Loan

Courier, Shipping

ERIC Requests


ILL Forms

Notification Letters


Outreach & Displays

Periodicals & Newspapers

Kardex Templates


Reference, Customer Service

Reserve Shelves

Status Codes in Item Records

EV 5.B.3.2 CGCC Library brochure
EV 5.B.3.3 Interlibrary Loan Service brochure
EV 5.B.3.4 Circulation and Borrowing Information brochure
EV 5.B.3.5 About the Library
EV 5.B.4.1 2008 Annual Library Survey Results
EV 5.B.4.2 Selected Library articles in Campus View 2007-08
EV 5.B.4.3 Welcome to the Library flyer: The Dalles
EV 5.B.4.4 Welcome to the Library flyer: Hood River
EV 5.B.4.5 Faculty In-Service handout, April 2009


5.C Evidence

EV 5.C.1.1 Library website

EV 5.C.1.2 Moodle shell
EV 5.C.2.1 Intergovernmental Service Agreement, June, 16 2007
EV 5.C.2.2 Interlibrary Loan Code for Oregon Libraries


5.D Evidence

EV 5.D.1.1 Library Team
EV 5.D.1.2 Library Organization Chart
EV 5.D.1.3 Vitae of Librarians
EV 5.D.1.4 Job Descriptions of Library Staff
EV 5.D.1.5 Specialists’ Responsibilities Chart
EV 5.D.3.1 Library Team Continuing Education Activities, 2007-2008
EV 5.D.6.1 Growth of Library Budget table
EV 5.D.6.2 Library Budget Comparison 2004-08


5.E Evidence

EV 5.E.1.1 Strategic Plan Goal #1-2007-10, Library Activities
EV 5.E.2.1 Distance Education and Instructional Technology Plan, 2007-08
EV 5.E.2.2 Network & End User Application Services
EV 5.E.2.3 Available Technical Support
EV 5.E.2.4 Podium Guide, 2008
EV 5.E.2.5 Printed Information Describing User Services Provided by Computing Facility
EV 5.E.2.6 ITS-CGCC Welcome Sheet, 2008
EV 5.E.3.1 Periodical Survey 2008
EV 5.E.3.2 Mission, Goals, Activities and Results, CGCC College Library
EV 5.E.3.3 Library-Plan 2006-09
EV 5.E.3.4 Library Objectives 2007-08
EV 5.E.3.5 Library Plan for Funding 2009-12
EV 5.E.3.6 Library Budget Projections 2009-2013
EV 5.E.3.7 NWCCU Recommendations 2008 – Library Implementation
EV 5.E.3.8 Library Annual Report, 2007-08

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