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Standard 9 Evidence

9.A Evidence

EV 9.A.1 Management and Confidential Handbook 2009-10

Also online at: http://www.cgcc.cc.or.us/PresidentsOffice/documents/may2009.pdf
EV 9.A.1.1 Board Policy Manual:
EV 9.A.1.2 Oregon Department of Education Civil Rights Inspection Results
EV 9.A.1.3 August 2003 Statement of Vision, Mission, Values and Goals
EV 9.A.1.4 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement
EV 9.A.1.5 Hiring Requisition Form
EV 9.A.1.6 Hiring Checklist for Staff and Full-time Faculty
EV 9.A.1.7 Screening Committee Pledge Form
EV 9.A.1.8 2008-09 Student Handbook
EV 9.A.1.9 Class Syllabi Examples

EV 9.A.2.1 Student Council Constitution, by-laws, accountability policy
EV 9.A.3.1 Publications Review
EV 9.A.3.2 Policy posting on purchasing, indicating outdated threshold amount for board
approval of purchases ($25,000)

EV 9.A.4.1 Purchasing Policy DJ/DJA
EV 9.A.4.2 Board Member Conflicts of Interest Policy BBFA
EV 9.A.4.3 Boardsource.org website home page
EV 9.A.5.1 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XIX

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