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Faculty Excellence Award 2011 - 2012

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In the boxes below, please indicate why you think this instructor should receive the Faculty Excellence Award, addressing at least one of the core criteria outlined below.  When possible, please include personal stories to support your statements.

For full descriptions of the criteria please click here: Three Core Faculty Excellence Award Criteria

I.  Innovation in Instruction:   This section should describe how your instructor uses creative or clever ideas to help students learn. Consider enthusiasm, understanding of the subject matter, clarity, effectiveness, and ability to respect and teach to various learning styles.

II. Commitment to Student Success:  Has your instructor been a mentor to you or others?  This section should highlight how your

instructor facilitates the learning process in and outside of the class.

III. Contributions to Mission and Goals of the College:  "Columbia Gorge Community College builds dreams and transforms lives by providing lifelong educational programs that strengthen our community."  How do you see your instructor supporting this mission?  Is your instructor involved in any community or college activities?  Does he/she encourage students to become involved in activities outside of the classroom?

IV. Other Criteria: 

  • Commitment to Diversity: Explain how your instructor is committed to the success of students from diverse groups or how the instructor encourages you to explore and understand diversity.
  • Cooperative Spirit:  Describe how your instructor creates a positive learning environment both in and out of the classroom.
  • Professional Achievement:  Mention any awards your instructor has received, committees or organizations of which he/she is a member, etc.



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