Transfer Credits

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Until independently accredited, Portland Community College (PCC)is the official keeper of student academic records. Therefore, official transfer credit evaluation is done online through Portland Community College. 

Steps for transfer credit evaluations:

  • Transcript from other institutions should be sent to:

Columbia Gorge Community College


400 East Scenic Drive

The Dalles OR 97058

  • CGCC will scan and send your transcripts to PCC. This step may take up to 4 weeks.
  • Request for Evaluation of Transfer Credits through Portland Community College:
  1. Log into MyPCC
  2. Click on the "College Business" Tab
  3. Go to the "Don't Wait in Line" Channel
  4. Click on the "Transfer Credit Evaluation" link
  5. Once the evaluation is completed, you will be notified via MyPCC.
  • You will be notified by Portland Community College via MyPCC of the request status.


Standards for Acceptance of Traditional Credit:

  • Coursework must be completed at a regionally-accredited institution.
  • Student Records will evaluate lower division collegiate (LDC) coursework (see current CGCC catalog).
  • Career Technical Education coursework may be transferred upon departmental approval.
  • Grades of C (including C-) or better required for transfer.
  • P and S grades are only transferrable when the issuing institution defines the grade as C (including C-) or better.
  • Non-degree seeking students' prior coursework is transferred only when needed to satisfy CGCC standard prerequisites as well as commonly used preparatory coursework in other subject areas (e.g. Biology).


Standards for Acceptance of Non-Traditional Credit:

  • You must have an established transcript (one college credit) at CGCC before non-traditional credit can be awarded.
  • A maximum of 45 credits of non-traditional credit (this includes AP, CLEP, IB and Military, non-accredited coursework) may be granted.
  • Non-traditional credit may not be used to establish CGCC's residency requirement.
  • Only those subject areas taught by PCC/CGCC will be considered.
  • Please make an appointment with your CGCC advisor to complete form and submit payment.  Non-traditional credit forms will be submitted to PCC through the CGCC Student Services department.

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